The Benefit

Many different uses, because of high-grade raw material.

High-resolution footage opens up lots of new perspectives for you:

  • Films for presentations with large-format projections and on HD screens
  • Up-to-date films and imagery on your homepage by choosing the webcam function or the interactive image archive
  • Footage for TV producers and commercials
  • Individual images for print materials or blow-ups

State-of-the-art image editing guarantees perfect results.

We work exclusively with full-resolution images (8K, corresponding to 50 megapixels) throughout the entire, fully digital post-production workflow. Only then will we render the material for your purposes, which may include:

  • Rendering in the highest TV standard today – Full HD 1080 and Ultra HD (4K)
  • Full-resolution playout in the cinema formats 4K and 35 mm film
  • Conversion to common Internet formats
  • 3D production HD (1080/25p) – left-eye – right-eye / side-by-side