The Innovation

Highest quality, maximum efficiency.

We exclusively deploy state-of-the-art high-resolution digital systems for you. Exposure settings can be customized to the same extent as with single-lens reflex cameras. Changes in the lighting conditions of the subject are responded to in real-time via remote servicing.

Your benefit: The costly expense of having a photographer on location can be avoided without having to forgo any exposure adjustment options. The systems installed at the filming site require nothing more than a standard power outlet (230 V safety socket).

Using radio or LAN technology, we have total control over the recording from our offices! Centrally located, our skilled employees continuously monitor image data and remotely ensure optimal on-location settings at all times.

This process guarantees ideal source material. Extra work and quality loss associated with post-production image editing is reduced to a minimum – which keeps costs down, as well.

If the films are used on the Internet or for presentations with HD projectors and flat-screen monitors, the brightness, contrast and colour intensity of the source imagery is particularly critical for a great visual experience.

Our base material has nine times the amount of pixels as footage shot in Full HD, since we’re able to achieve the equivalent of 50 megapixels when shooting in 8K. This means that zooming and panning without any quality loss is possible in HDTV versions, making the films even more dynamic.

Alternatively, we’re able to deliver footage in the current cinematic standards 4K (digital) and 35 mm (analogue) in full resolution, with multifaced application options, thanks to perfect source material.